Transonic originally began as Headroom, a rock band with big dreams and a passion for music.  Singer/Bassist Don Diehl founded Headroom in early 2002 along with close friends Mike Jacobson (Drums) and Damon Ireland (Guitar).  Headroom quickly began making a name on the Philadelphia music scene led by Don’s zest for life, moving lyrics, and rhythmic bass driven grooves. In 2006, however, Don was tragically diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away a year later.

Damon and Mike were left devastated by the death of their talented singer and bassist, but most importantly a close and loyal friend. With the loss of Don, the two struggled with the idea of continuing to create music. Encouraged by Don’s family and their own loved ones, coupled with the knowledge of knowing Don would have wanted the music to continue, Damon and Mike embarked on reshaping the legacy of Headroom.

With a patient combination of flyers, social media and internet, singer Pranay Tyagi and bassist Paul Stitik were discovered.   After a few rehearsals it was clear a new chemistry existed.   Pranay’s  vocal style and songwriting along with Paul’s funky bass grooves brought a new energy.  The pieces to the puzzle fit and a new friendship and band had formed, TRANSONIC.  The members were different, but elements of Don’s sound and musical feel remained alive in Transonic.

TRANSONIC has now steadily grown in the Philadelphia Music scene. They are the personification of the Indie Movement with their do it yourself work ethic, technical recording know how, community networking and commitment to great song writing and live performances.

The band has worked hard to become a new force on the music scene with strong live performances consisting of their own brand of original Funk, Rock, and Soul.  Transonic has performed their special blend of music at several Philly area hot spots such as World Café Live, The Legendary Dobbs, Mojo Main, and The Note. In both their live and recorded performances, Transonic has been able to combine and revive the sounds from such artist as, Parliament, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Lenny Kravitz, along with more recent acts such as Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5. These influences blend into their own Supercalifunk-deliciouis smoothie, guaranteed to make you dance like you got ants in your pants.

Currently recording and writing their debut album, Transonic is working hard on an early 2014 Album release.  Drawing from different backgrounds and influences, all who listen will be reminded that both life and music move at Transonic speed, so enjoy the ride!