Our Drummer

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A few weeks ago Mike Jacobsen (our Drummer) let the band know that he is leaving. Mike is moving away to another state for other vocational endeavors. Mike was a founding member of Headroom and Transonic. He was seminal in building Transonic and providing a strong powerful beat for our music. We sorry to see Mike leave us and we wish him the best.


We tried out many great drummers and in the end we picked Jason Meiser. Here is a little info about him:



Jason first picked up the sticks in the 5th grade.  This lead him to play in school orchestras, marching and jazz bands in places as far away as Paris, Vienna and Budapest. At the University of Hartford, he was a mmber of the band Saturnine, playing venues up and down the east coast. Most recently, he played with the Dave Bernroth Trio, later known as Dave and the Dust Dogs. His main drumming influences are: Chad Sexton, Jon Fishman, Carter Beauford, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Tony Williams, Stanton Moore, and Billy Martin